Our Approach

PF Solicitors, rather than act as a traditional firm, operates as your (outsourced) internal legal function. Whether it be ad-hoc advisory services, rolling month-to-month on-site or remote delivery of services, or a more long-term arrangement with one of our consultants, we will be with you in your organisation for as long as your needs require it. The advantage of our approach is that our consultants learn your business, and can input on both an operational and strategic level, thus increasing their value to your organisation.

Our Difference

Traditional external law firms seek to maximise profits by offering partner-led services, delivered at high rates. In many cases, they are simply unaffordable. On the other hand, hiring a full-time, or even part-time, legal counsel into your organisation can be a bridge too far for a growing company. Our consultants offer bespoke solutions, specifically designed for the in-house legal market. As a result, we are able to provide a level of service suitable to all organisations.

Our Story

Prior to founding PF Solicitors, Philip Flynn spent fourteen years working as a legal advisor, both in private practice and as in-house counsel. During that time, he worked with a number of multi-nationals at a senior level (Volkswagen Group, Volkswagen Financial Services, Paddy Power PLC), as well as advising small-to-medium sized enterprises (Beolas, Counterweight, Helium Arts), on a range of legal matters, incuding intellectual property, data protection and both contentious and non-contentious employment issues. Connect with Philip on LinkedIn.

Our Team

Following on from a significant amount of time spent in private practice, acting for large bodies, both in the public and private sector, Philip switched his attention to the delivery of in-house legal services, by working with companies of all sizes in both regulated and unregulated markets, in both the UK and Ireland.

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