The Future of In-House

The nature and make up of legal functions / departments varies considerably from growth stage companies, to larger multi-nationals. This is driven by more obvious factors, such as the size of the business and the industry in which it sits. A [...]

Should I buy an Electric Vehicle?

Should I buy an Electric Vehicle? Although electric cars are thought of as the future of motoring, they’re not actually a new concept. The concept has been around since as long ago as 1884, when an English inventor attempted to build the first [...]

Connected Cars and GDPR

Connected Cars and GDPR Data protection and the connected cars of the future Anyone who has purchased a car recently, or has even considered doing so, will be aware of the number of technological developments being integrated into new cars. [...]

Commercial Lease and Covid-19

For many businesses, the due date for their second quarter rent, or ‘quarterly gale date’ in landlord and tenant parlance, has now passed. Due to the exceptional circumstances that are presented by the Covid-19 pandemic, coupled with the fact [...]

Digital e-Signature and the Law

Digital E-SIGNATURE and the Law The Covid-19 pandemic has created an enormous level of difficulty for business in general. New challenges need to be met with creative solutions. Unfortunately, law is often an area of service delivery that [...]