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Providing start-up, growth stage, and large-scale companies with a cost efficient outsourced in-house legal function.

Our Service

For Start Ups
Not all companies need the regular services of an in house lawyer, but they will need legal support from time to time, or on a project basis.

For Growth Stage Companies
As your organisation grows, access to a low-cost dedicated legal resource can become an invaluable tool, assisting your company right up to your first internal legal hire.

For Large Scale Companies
PF Solicitors provides a number of models to assist your company, including business specific solutions and dedicated legal support on a specific project.

Our Clients


Who’s using us?

Our clients operate in a diverse number of industries and sectors, and range in size from start-ups and small-to-medium size enterprises, running right through to one of the world’s leading car manufacturers, international banks and financial services companies and emerging players in the fintech and regtech space.

What’s the benefit to my organisation?

A reduction in cost, with no reduction in service levels. It is our experience that the cost of purchasing legal services in Ireland is simply too high. We offer high quality lawyers, available to work on a flexible basis.

What are our working models?
  • On Call Legal Services: Our lawyer on assignment works as part of your team for designated days each week (part- or full-time), remotely.
  • Business Specific Solutions: In consultation with you, providing expert legal and project management services for more complex projects, operating on a fixed cost basis.
  • Ad-hoc advisory Services : PF Solicitors can directly advise you on all aspects of your commercial legal needs.

We operate on the basis of fixed daily rates for on-site and on-call work, for clients who require these services. We agree these rates in advance with the client, and are happy to discuss pricing to suit your specific business need.

Why do lawyers want to work with PF Solicitors?

We allow lawyers to work with greater autonomy (whether part- or full-time or on a project-by-project basis). They can work in a flexible way which fits with their skills, career choices and lifestyles.

Our World View

The Future of In-House

The nature and make up of legal functions / departments varies considerably from growth stage companies, to larger multi-nationals. This is driven by more obvious factors, such as the size of the business and the industry in which it sits. A [...]